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Getting Started 2: Customizing Your Website

This article contains information on how to Customize Your Website using the Midphase Website Builder.

BEFORE YOU START: What's the difference between a theme and template?

The Midphase Website Builder uses a theme to define the general appearance of a site. A template is used to define the layout of each page in a site. Every Website Builder page has it's own template which is updated whenever you edit your page.

PART 1: Choosing a theme


Click Themes to show the Theme Browser.


Click any theme in the browser to preview it. To apply the theme to your site, click Select. To return to your original theme, click Cancel.


Change the color scheme for a theme using the Theme Colors (1). Choose any color swatch to preview the color . Click anywhere on the page (2) to confirm the selection.


Use the Font set panel to change the fonts used across your site.

PART 2: Editing a theme

A theme consists of a background and a collection of row and column styles. You can edit any of these to create a unique theme.

Theme background


Click the background button (1) to see the Theme Background controls.


You can create background using a solid color, an image or a gradation. If you use an image you can repeat horizontally, vertically or both.

Row styles


To change the style applied to a row, click the row settings button (1) and then click on a style (2). Click the style editing button (3) to edit the column style. Use the style menu buttons (4) to add, duplicate or delete styles.

If you edit a style, the change will be applied everywhere that style is used. If you want to edit a style just in one place, create a copy of it and edit that.

Column styles


Columns styles work the same way as row styles. Click the column settings button (1) to show the menu. Click on a style (2) to apply it . Click the style editing button (3) to edit the column style. Use the style menu buttons (4) to add, duplicate or delete styles.

Column structure


To split a row into columns, click the row split icon (1) and select a column structure (2)

NEXT STEP: Optimize and publish your site

If you are now ready to share your site with the world, see Getting Started 3: Optimizing and Publishing your Website!

Last Updated: 26th of June, 2013     Article ID: 1015